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1.  Who uses “We buy houses in Phoenix”?


The abundance of listings on the property market has brought in all sorts of people that want to invest or make money off these deals. We Buy Houses Phoenix signs have been popping up all over the state from companies and investors who claim to pay cash for houses and close right away. If you want to sell a house in Phoenix, you might be interested in finding out who these house buyers are and how you can sell your house for cash as well.



1.1  Online real estate listing sites.


There are quite a few popular websites on the internet that claim to offer subscriptions to high quality property listings. Some may offer certain leads for free but the majority of listing sites often charge members a monthly fee before they can access these listings. These sites may use terms like “We buy houses” or “Sell your house fast” so sellers will contact them with their property information and they can make it available to their network of buyers by adding it to their listings. If you want to try using these sites to find a buyer, pick popular ones that seem like they get a lot of traffic. Also check if they list homes in your particular state or area as many buyers may not bother inquiring about houses that aren’t located nearby.     



1.2  Realty scams.


Unfortunately, there are also real estate scams that offer to buy houses, or sell your house fast and sometimes they may to take advantage of sellers. Some common scams can include promising to pay for the house after ownership is signed over to them, or pay them some type of fee to help you save your house. In general you should avoid ever paying fees up front prior to any service performed, especially for any kind of services promised. Just make sure that you’re taking the necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim of real estate fraud or scams. Work with professionals, don’t give out secure information to people you don’t know, and don’t be fooled by shady or suspicious “too good to be true” deals.


1.3  Real estate agents.

Some real estate agents may also use these terms in advertisements so they can find out about properties for sale. While they probably aren’t buyers themselves, they can show these properties to clients that are interested in buying a house in a certain area. Unless you actually hired them to help you sell, it shouldn’t be necessary to pay them a commission at closing. If you want to, you can hire a real estate agent to help you sell your home. However, many homeowners are perfectly capable of selling on their own and shouldn’t have to spend money on a realtor.



1.4  Investor buyers.


Investor buyers will usually make their money from reselling at a higher price or renting it out. Many sellers prefer working with investor buyers for many reasons. Good investor buyers, like us, have a thorough understanding of the house buying process and can close a deal without wasting time. Many homeowners have had their buyers back out of a deal because they found a house that they prefer, however, good investor buyers who base their decisions on prices and values will rarely do so.  



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